St. Nick Stories

Saint Nick and the Fir Tree

a Christmas tale for grown-ups who haven’t forgotten the magic

Available in both E-book and Print

It’s the day after Christmas and Saint Nick’s on vacation.
His first stop: the little town of Greenwood, where he meets a most unusual Tree. Nick and the Tree go out on the town, but a freak snowstorm brings their festivities to an unexpected conclusion.

Praise for “Saint Nick and the Fir Tree”

“What a delightful tale of a deeply-rooted yew tree who longs to be a fir and is taken by St. Nicholas on a post-Christmas holiday, complete with sunglasses to disguise his treedentity.

This charming story by Nancy Adams is a perfect antidote to the after-Christmas blues, and it’s easy to root for the little tree taking its first draft of Ent juice. This particular Santa does swear a bit (“what the holly did I fall over?”), but he can’t help bestowing unexpected gifts in unexpected places.

And as for the little tree, whose greatest fear is an ax murderer (shudder), he learns a few happy lessons along the way.

Come to think of it, this story is also an antidote to the pre-Christmas blues. If you’re feeling a bit frantic, take a little jaunt with St. Nick and the Fir Tree.”

–Fran Stewart
Author of Violet as an Amethyst: the 6th Biscuit McKeemystery


“At this time of year, we become more and more frantic as Christmas approaches and it’s a pleasure when we find a few moments to just relax and enjoy the season. What better way to spend those few moments than reading—perhaps aloud to family and friends—such a charming tale as this? Saint Nick and the Fir Tree is the perfect little story to get one in the proper mood for the holidays.”

–Leila Taylor
Buried Under Books

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“Have you ever wondered what it would be like to go drinking with Santa Claus? Well now you can find out in Saint Nick And The Fir Tree. This is a short story by Nancy Adams and I thought it was great. I can’t give too much away but if you want to read short funny story with maybe a little bit of murder… I would definitely recommend it!”–Recommended: 16+
Reviewed By: Maegan Morin
Blog Reviewed For: Great Minds Think Aloud
Rating: 5 Ravens


“With ‘Saint Nick and the Fir Tree’ Nancy Adams gives us a fun, quirky, different take on how a tree celebrates Christmas. Not with lots of tinsel but lots of magic! A good, short read for the holidays.”

–Michele Drier
Author of Edited for Death in trade paperback, SNAP: the World Unfolds in ebook

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