For AdultsDragon gargoyle surveys Paris

Jesuit professor Daniel Cronin has been fascinated by the gargoyles of Notre Dame since his first visit to Paris, nearly 30 years ago, but he never thought he’d talk with one. He never thought a creature of stone could see into his soul.

Until he meets Uriel, one of the gargoyles who keep watch along the cathedral’s galerie des chimères.

When Uriel asks him to investigate a young woman’s suspicious death, Daniel visits the showboat where she worked as an illusionist’s assistant, only to discover that the woman whose body he had seen just hours before is still alive.


a novel of gargoyles and Paris

Finalist, 2013 Daphne du Maurier Contest

(unpublished, mainstream)


For Tweens

When thirteen-year-old Jo Winters’ parents decide to leave the little town of New Salem, where everyone is a witch, and move to the ordinary “outsider” world, it’s bad enough that she has to hide her witching talents from everyone at the outsider school.

Now a string of supernatural fires is sweeping through the supposedly ordinary town, and Jo’s only friend in this new place is acting really weird, like maybe he knows something about it. The evil flame-spirits are even starting to influence her dad.

It’s up to Jo to use her talent for understanding the language of animals and unravel the mystery behind the supernatural fires and her parents’ sudden decision to leave New Salem.