Fantasy Suspense

Dragon gargoyle surveys Paris“You fancy yourself a pragmatist, an ever-so-rational man . . . But the mysticism, it attracts you. The supernatural, the other-world. That is why you became a priest.” A gusty sound like a sigh blew out of the gargoyle’s mouth.

Jesuit professor Daniel Cronin has been fascinated by the gargoyles of Notre Dame since his first visit to Paris, nearly 30 years ago, but he never thought he’d hold a conversation with one. He never thought a creature of stone could see into his soul.

Until he meets Uriel, one of the gargoyles who keep watch along the cathedral’s galerie des chimères.

Now Daniel’s sabbatical year must shift focus from research into the gargoyles of Notre Dame to researching their ancient enemy: the demon beneath the cathedral that has unexpectedly awakened from its sleep. The demon targets a young woman who bears the blood of its old nemesis, the only hope for the demon’s ultimate defeat.

As he encounters more illusions, chimeras, inexplicable appearances in both daylight and dreams, Daniel begins to question his vocation and his sanity, but the demon’s awakening is all too real.


a novel of gargoyles and Paris

Finalist, 2013 Daphne du Maurier Contest

(unpublished, mainstream)

available for submission, winter 2014

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