Nancy’s most recent work is FIRE AND SPIRITS, a middle grade fantasy about a 13-year-old witch who is uprooted from her comfortable life in a little town where everyone is a witch and thrust into the ordinary world. Her particular witching talent is the ability to understand the languages of animals, and she uses this ability to investigate the strange rash of supernatural fires that breaks out in her new, supposedly ordinary, town.

Currently a freelance editor and theological librarian, Nancy wrote her first mystery in grade school, inspired by Nancy Drew. Inspiration of another kind came years later when follow-up reading to a theology course introduced her to the world of late antiquity. A few months afterwards, she began writing WINDS FROM THE EAST, the first of her historical mysteries set in fourth-century Rome. “The Secret of the Red Mullet,” her first published piece of fiction, features younger versions of the characters in her Roman series.

Nancy’s background as a theological librarian with a Ph.D. in historical musicology from the University of Pennsylvania has given her the research skills to create an authentic voice and setting for her historical fiction. She is a member of SCBWI, Sisters in Crime, and Mystery Writers of America.

Nancy lives with her husband, Patrick, in the Philadelphia area. Their house is home to a wide variety of stuffed dragons who guard the door and keep the dust bunnies at bay.